Paid Search For Small Businesses

We at Orris Digital realise that not all businesses can afford a top tier digital marketing agency or that their budgets don’t justify the cost of one.

So Orris Digital are offering a basic service for smaller businesses spending less than £750/month on digital marketing, so that these smaller businesses can benefit from our expertise, knowledge and bigger business experience. We can then help them grow into larger businesses which use the full suite of digital marketing tools available to bigger businesses.

Activity General Paid Search £150/month Ecommerce Basic £200/month
Create and Manage Keywords
Create and Manage Text Ads
Create and Manage Audiences
Location Management
Ad Scheduling
Bid Optimisation
Device Optimisation
Budget Management
Google Shopping Product Management
Google Shopping Product Bid Optimisation
Merchant Centre Product Optimisation
Monthly Reporting
UK Based Support Team (Mon – Fri)
Get In Touch Get In Touch

For accounts spending over £750/month please contact us.

How Does It Work?

We would setup an initial conversation where we will discuss your business and business objectives and how these can be measured. We’ll work with you to ensure that these are represented in your Google Ads account.

Once we have a good understanding of your business and the goals of the account we’ll build it and start managing your activity.

Do we do anything else?

YES! We have a host of other add-ons for your account, here’s a menu of what else we offer:

Facebook Ads £75/Month
Microsoft Ads £50/Month
Technical Google Tag Manager Work £85/Hour
Google Analytics Setup £300*
Upgrade to Weekly Reporting £50/Month
Upgrade to Bespoke Weekly Reporting £75/Month

*Depending on the platform of your website