Orris Digital is a specialist digital marketing agency and ecommerce consultancy. We have a large range of ecommerce clients in the UK as well as Europe and the US who sell a huge variety of different products. We work closely with large enterprises like Google, Meta and Microsoft. Within our business we promote staff development by offering courses and training in various areas, from design to coding and we encourage staff to come up with ideas and to utilise these with our clients. As a business, we like people who think outside the proverbial box, we don’t drink the industry “cool-aid“ and are free thinkers often critical of those that just do what they’re told. Our business ethos is “Test, Learn, Change“, never be scared to test something, learn from it and your mistakes, and change for the better.


If you’re a motivated person who’s looking for an opportunity after school or university we may be looking for someone like you. A responsible, well rounded person with good maths skills and a positive attitude would a be a perfect fit for a graduate or intern position at Orris Digital. Does this sound like you? If so, fill out the form and tell us about yourself and we’ll let you know if you’re a good fit. We’ll also let you know if we’re looking for extra help or if we will be in the future.